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like if you want me to follow you on my new blog :-)


you may know my blog but i deleted it (more like changed the url to cantsaynos-imoved lol) and recreated is as a normal blog and not a side-blog. i had almost 900 followers which is so close to my big goal (1k) and it was hard to make this step  and loose all my followers, BUT i hope you will follow me again and help me gain followers. now with my blog i can follow blogs and actually talk to people as cantsaynos and not as lookatmenowbiebs. PLEASE REBLOG AND HELP ME GAIN MY FOLLOWERS BACK, it would mean a lot to me. :-)

re-created my blog, please follow me? :-)

ok guys i’m changing my url so i can open a new blog with this url

just to let u know, don’t think i’m weird or that i have a new url lol

guys if i’ll delete this blog and open it again but not as a sideblog will u follow me again??

Anonymous asked: /post/41023867465 where is this video from do you know :)

i think it was the itunes challenge